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Bridge Medical is a global evidence and outcomes research consulting firm. Since 2011 we have supported many leading pharmaceutical companies to deliver evidence of value to regulators, payers, clinicians and patients across all major therapeutic areas.

Together with client colleagues in medical affairs, health outcomes, drug development and epidemiology, our shared goal is to deliver patient access to innovative treatments based on the transparent provision of robust evidence.


Evidence Planning

Where strategy meets methodology. Integrated development, medical and health outcomes planning to meet the complex needs of multiple stakeholders.

Evidence Reviews & Synthesis

A full spectrum service from systematic literature reviews with meta-analysis for external submissions, through to pragmatic literature reviews for internal decision making.

Epidemiological Forecasting & Disease Models

Transparent reporting of disease and subgroup prevalence & incidence. Development of long term disease burden models.

Study Designs

Designing study concepts through to full protocol writing. Clinical trials and real world studies. From Phase II to Phase IV.

Data Analytics

Crystallising research questions. Mapping optimal sources of data. Descriptive and predictive analytics of clinical trial data and real world data.

Scientific Writing

Scientific platform documents and clear evidence based communication to strategic stakeholders including regulators, payers, physicians and patients.

Evidence Notes

9 | Network Meta-Analysis

Network meta-analysis [NMA] is now a widely accepted approach for comparative efficacy research. As well as providing a brief introduction to NMA, here we summarise some the main criticisms of NMAs submitted by manufacturers to Health Technology Assessment bodies. We also list the key appraisal tools used to assess the quality of NMAs.


8 | Adaptive Pathway Initiative

The Adaptive Pathway initiative is an EMA project to examine the possibility of incremental drug licensing in order to allow those most in need to access new medicines as soon as possible. Central to the concept is the use of Real World data in the licensing process. Here we examine the status of the Adaptive Pathway initiative using publically available information, with a specific focus on the RWD component.


7 | Pragmatic Trials

In the context of adaptive licensing and real world evidence there is increasing focus on the potential value of pragmatic trials. Here we describe the "pragmatic continumm" and we also interview Dr David Leather of GSK about the Salford Lung Study- a landmark pre-license pragmatic trial. 

6 | Adaptive study designs

Adaptive trial designs have proliferated in the past few years with methods gaining acceptance with academia and regulatory agencies. But are these study designs only relevant to exploratory development, or are they relevant to confirmatory development as well? 

5 | Instrumental Variables

As greater focus shifts to real world data, what techniques exist to handle bias and confounding? Here we briefly describe the concept of instrumental variables.

4 | Propensity Scoring

  As greater focus shifts to real world data what techniques exist to handle bias and confounding – here we briefly describe the concept of propensity score matching.

3 | Goal Attainment Scaling

Is Goal Attainment Scaling the ultimate measure of functioning ? – In the new edition of Evidence Notes we examine the key properties of this instrument designed to be a bespoke measure of functioning in clinical research.

2 | PROBE studies

All pivotal trials submitted to regulators need to have blinded treatment allocation, right ? Not always. Read our short article in Issue 2 of Evidence Notes on PROBE study designs to find out more about open label blinded endpoint studies.

1 | cohort nested RCTs

Balancing internal and external validity in a single study is always a challenge. The cohort multiple randomised control trial (cmRCT) approach has been suggested as a way of achieving a balance. Here is our short review of the method and it's applicability to pharmaceutical research.

About Us

We are an experienced team of physicians, epidemiologists, outcomes researchers and statisticians who are passionate about solving evidence challenges from a range of perspectives. As well as having deep-seated scientific and clinical knowledge, our people are commercially aware, creative and solution-focused in their approach.

At Bridge Medical, our mission is to become the world's most respected evidence and outcomes-focused consultancy. To achieve this goal, we will continue to collaborate with forward-thinking clients who believe that delivering a robust, compelling and evolving evidence base to external stakeholders is the main route to achieving patient benefits and securing business goals.


The success of the Bridge Medical approach has led to a rapidly growing client base and increasing demand for our services. To help us fulfil our increasing work obligations and allow us to continue to innovate, we are always looking for talented physicians and scientists—for whom integrity in clinical research is paramount —to join our team.

We are actively recruiting across all levels of our organisation, and are particularly interested to hear from candidates with >5 years experience in clinical or outcomes research within the pharmaceutical sector.

If you wish to be considered for our in-depth technical interview process, please submit a current CV and a 1-page cover letter explaining your relevant experience and interest in joining Bridge Medical.


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Bridge Medical services clients across the world from our offices in London and New Delhi

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Evidence Planning

Our evidence planning service is designed to help you develop integrated evidence plans across development, medical and health outcomes from Phase II to Phase IV. Plans may cover regulatory trials, non-registration trials, observational studies and real-world database studies.

Prior to generating the plan, stakeholder needs are clearly mapped and major evidence gaps are identified. Only then are study concepts developed in further detail, with strategic goals at the forefront of thinking throughout the process.

In recent years, we have increasingly focused on plans that leverage real world data sources in the pre- and post-launch period to support market access and long-term price differentiation.

Evidence Reviews & Synthesis

We offer a broad, insight-driven literature review service, ranging from systematic reviews, conducted to HTA standards, through to rapid pragmatic reviews to inform quick internal decision making.

Our considerable expertise allows us to offer a wide range of value-added deliverables:

  • Systematic reviews of comparative efficacy and effectiveness, often with relevant data synthesis techniques [meta-analytical approaches]
  • Burden of disease reviews – clinical, humanistic and economic
  • COA & PRO reviews – including detailed psychometric appraisal of rating scales
  • Reviews of treatment guidelines and care pathways
  • Targeted literature reviews
  • Regulatory and HTA case studies

Our reviews go far beyond a straight presentation of the findings reported in the underlying literature. We provide detailed quantitative and qualitative interpretation and, where appropriate, conduct analysis of the gaps in the literature and make recommendations for future evidence-generation activity.

Epidemiological Forecasting & Disease Models

Bridge Medical conducts detailed analyses of disease incidence, prevalence and trend rates to develop accurate long-term predictive models of disease and subgroup burden. This fast growing service is increasingly valued by many of our blue-chip clients, with these projects being used to inform multiple client decisions:

  • Overall commercial forecasts
  • Level of investment for drug development
  • Burden of different subgroups
  • HTA and payer positioning
  • In-licensing opportunities

Study Designs

We develop studies from the initial concept through to the full protocol and statistical plans. The Bridge Medical team is experienced in a broad range of evidence-generation methodologies; pivotal clinical trials, non-registration studies, pragmatic trials, observational studies and real world database studies.

Working closely with client partners, we have designed studies in all major therapeutic areas including neurosciences, oncology, cardiovascular medicine, immunology, respiratory medicine and rare diseases.

Data Analytics

In response to client demand, we have developed a specific service line focused on the analysis of patient-level data. The majority of our analytical work uses real-world data from a range of sources, such as electronic medical records, administrative databases and academic registries.

Our work encompasses a range of aspects highly valued among clients:

  • Defining clinical research questions of interest and showing how stakeholder and strategic needs can be supported by addressing these questions with real world evidence
  • Mapping real world data sources that will allow questions to be addressed robustly
  • Developing real world evidence study protocols, including statistical methodology ranging from simple descriptive statistics to complex predictive modelling
  • Implementing analysis, generating outputs, interpreting data and compiling a study report and related publications.

Scientific Writing

Our growing scientific writing team support clients across a broad spectrum of projects:

  • Scientific platform documents
  • Regulatory writing (clinical sections of CTDs)
  • Value dossiers & Access evidence dossiers for HTA/payers
  • Protocols – clinical trials and real world studies
  • Clinical study reports
  • Informed consent documents
  • Lay person study summaries for patients
  • Peer review publications
  • Abstracts & posters